3 platforms to create your website for free

Going far with any business implies being up to date with technology, since it has become a tool that attracts people massively. One of the secrets of great companies is to have a website . So that you can also have yours, we will show you 3 platforms to create your website for free .

Platforms to create your website for free

Creating a website in these times is not very complicated thanks to the different platforms available in the market. Through this reading you will know three of the best known today.


The first one we will talk about is the Webnode . This popular page boasts about 40 million happy users. To be able to create your web page with them you will only need to register your email, and from there begin.

That money is not a limitation to create your own page, since it will not be necessary to hire a web designer. You can create it from scratch yourself, and you will also have at your disposal more than a hundred predesigned templates that are very easy to customize; at the same time that you can count on technical and professional advice to clarify all the concerns that arise.


It is the world's most recognized website builder . It offers users a very attractive and innovative selection of templates with which your creativity can take control.

Something really striking about this platform is that it has its own App Market . This is very useful, since you will have the opportunity to complement your design with all the applications that you can think of.


With this online platform you can create and manage your website from any computer, tablet or mobile device. It contains an extraordinary editor with which you only need to drag and drop to start seeing your design. Thus the platform guarantees that anyone, beginner or not, can have their own operational page in a short time.

If you're ready to grow your business, working with Weebly will be an enriching experience. You will learn about the different strategies and tools that will make your website more attractive and, above all, productive.

Other web page editing platforms available on the internet

The 3 platforms to create free web pages that we already talked about are not the only ones available on the market. There are other options, also recognized, that meet the objective. Some are: Jimdo, GoDaddy and WordPrees .

With all of them you can create your website for free, although some need some basic programming knowledge to achieve the desired results. However, with some patience and passion you can achieve it.

All the options that we have shown you in this article have a paid version that will give you many more functions, and infinite alternatives, so that your website is original . You will be able to stand out from the competition and attract more customers .

Don't let anything stunt your professional growth. Let your determination to undertake and achieve your dream be your engine, so put into practice the advice that we have provided and create your own website.

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