Roles of a successful work team

As an entrepreneur you want to foster a work team, to achieve a very well defined project. Now, you might ask, What are the roles of a successful work team ? What is the relationship between the roles? o How will each role help you in your business project?

In this blog you will find answer to these questions and how each role will contribute to the goal set. So, do not deviate from your reading until the end and get the most qualified team for your business project.

Roles of a work team What are they?

The roles of a work team are specific assignments to carry out a business project. These groups seek to enhance the employee's skills and thus create a personalized role that will generate efficiency in the project. Identifying the role will achieve balance, creating a work dynamic.

Role groups

There are three groups of roles in a work team, all having the same goal and they are the following.

The group of the mental role : It is the expert team of the objective to be achieved.

The social role group : It is the team that investigates the steps that the operation will follow and the resources that are available to achieve the objective.

The group of the action role : It is the team that carries out the task to achieve the planned objective.

Taking this into account, these groups exist a diversity of roles to be executed in a work team . What are they? Let's see…

Types of roles in a successful team

Next we will name the roles that must exist in a successful work team.


It is essential that there is someone creative in a work team and that they give potential to the project.

Evaluating monitor

He is the one who evaluates the logic of the project and gives it coherence, it is important that every team has this character, even if it is not creative.


He is the one who coordinates and motivates the work team, to fulfill their assigned tasks.

Resource researcher

This role is held by the person who, after investigating, extracts new knowledge that will contribute to the project to be executed.


The person with this role implements strategies, turning what is thought into action that the work team has to execute.


In the work team it is essential that this role exists, to maintain enthusiasm in the work that is done and this lasts until the end of the goal.


Role characterized by those who have knowledge that benefits the rest of the team with their knowledge.


This role mostly falls to the team leader, as he is the one who diplomatically solves the confrontations that may arise between teammates.

Obviously the success of a business will never fall on a single person, it always has a work team that assumes different roles. And it is that since you think about an objective or a final product, it will go through several people in the company or business until the objective is reached to make yourself known or the sale of a product.



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